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Here we give you the opportunity to ask (request). If you canโ€™t find any Software, Game, Crack, Apps, APK, etc. Write your request in the comments box. When your request is received. Admin (AbbasPC.Net) Post it withinย 1 Or 2 Days.

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  • We may not respond directly to your request (please wait patiently).
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  • Write your request in the comments box.
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407 Comments on “Request For Software, Game, Crack and etc..”

  1. Hi,

    Is there a crack or key for air explorer pro v 4.0.1 (current version)? I see that you have V2.9.0 as the last cracked version.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi, can you please help with crack or key for current version (5.25.1) of youtube video downloader pro? The last cracked version I find is 5.23.7 but it can’t download a lot of youtube videos.

    Thank you in advance

  3. can i request latest version of Bandicut Video Cutter please? only the Bandicut application without Bandicam bundle. thank you..

  4. Hello Legends,
    Can You please update Photoshop to the latest version CC 2021, with the Neural filters working please

  5. Please upload a cracked version of Filmora X for windows

    And I have already shared your site

    Please upload it quickly.

  6. Great Website Sir,
    We really appreciate what you are doing
    Can you kindly get me the patch for “Spyzie”?

  7. Hello there,

    I am in search of software named “Doodly” for a few weeks. I tried my level best to search it on the internet but all in vain.

    Could you please help me to find the crack version of Doodly, please? I will be more than thankful to you. As you can imagine, how a person will feel once he/she gets in hand for what they are thirsty.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Look forward to seeing your kind and positive response.

    Love from Jackline.

  8. Hello team! Thank you for all the updated crack software!
    Can you crack Easyworship latest version? thank you . God bless

  9. Hello
    Pelade I am looking for serial nombre, patch or crack to this software : handy patients personal edition 4.3 (windows 7).
    I need it to record my patients data, I am a pediatric surgeon in district hospital ( Algeria)
    Thank you

  10. please can you upload crack for (iTubeGo 4.1.1) this version has a problem it send a message after copy and replace the crack (this key is invalid) and the program closes.

  11. Please make a crack for Testbook/Gradeup/oliveBoard/adda247 for test series

    thanks in advance for your painstaking efforts

  12. AsSalam O Alaikum Admin,
    I have searched over all the web but did not find Carveco (previously Adobe ArtCam). Kindly provide Carveco cracked version in your website.

  13. Can I request for Restoro Repair Tool Crack? Its okay if its uncrackable. Thank you and always loving this site. ๐Ÿ˜Šโค

  14. Can you please make a new crack for GridinSoft Anti-Malware Version 4.1.59. There is one crack but it is not working after you crack this software it gets closed by itself and once I got the message the software is not rightly installed. By GridinSoft Anti-Malware it works ok till Version 4.1.51 after you crack it, after this version if you crack the software it closes by itself after you open it.
    It is the same for Trojan Killer and Loaris Trojan Remover.

  15. Can you make a crack for GridinSoft Anti-Malware Version 4.1.59. One crack I am using it is not working, the problem is after I start the software it closes by itself. After version 4.1.51 none of newer versions work they all close by itself. It is the same for Trojan Killer. And Loaris Trojan Remover.

  16. already thank you for having created this site it is brilliant. I find almost everything I need easily and the procedures for installing the software are super simple and clear. really thank you again.
    what i’m asking is is it not possible for you to update Wondershare Filmora because the one currently on the site is obsolete and the procedure no longer works

  17. Sir you are working very well. I think it is first pakistani computer software website where we can download any software without any fear of viruses.

    here i need ANACONDA PYTHON . plzsir upload its hacked version as soon as possible
    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. hello can you help me with the password i am having while unzipping the photoshop and light room file. i have downloaded premiere pro and it is running well just having some problem with this

  18. Bro PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload the UPDATED Cracked Version for TunePat Amazon Music Converter. Version 1.3.4 is already there and it works great, but it would be very nice of you if you could please upload the latest cracked version that is 1.4.0. Thank You very very much…. I’m a very old user of your site! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hi,

    Can you please upload a cracked version of the TQS software. It’s a brazilian software from TQS Informatica, for engineers.

    Also, the software MEP Hydraulics for AutoCAD, from OFCDESK.

  20. Hi AbbasPC, will have to see how good your skills are as I cannot find any crack for this:
    “The Staking Machine v7.0” or older version v6.0.
    Requires online to be connected, looking for a bypass to install with full version without having to register through email. You think you can manage, it seems difficult, will see how good you really are. Thanks even if you fail.

  21. Hi,
    From lot of time i am trying for Infinity Best v2.29 which doesn’t open after installation in my PC even after turning of Internet. I tried in Win 7& 10 also. Nothing works. I tried Infinity Best2 also. Same issue. Please can u upload that (Not previous version) because for my Nokia 230 Flashing i require that version itself.
    Thanks in advance.

  22. Assalaamu Alaikum

    Kindly provide cracked version of below mentioned softwares:

    1. GoogleMap Lead Extractor
    2. Zomato Data Extractor
    3. Facebook Lead Extractor
    4. Linkedin Data Extractor

  23. Hello, Admin! I just want to say that you are a legend. Delivering only real and the best cracks out there. I hope you could crack Avocode software. Thanks!

  24. hi sir…please recordbox dj last version full crack and icloud unlock deluxe last version full crack..thx

  25. Can you make a new patch for Trojan Killer, GridinSoft Anti-Malware and Loaris Trojan Remover . If I install the newest version of these software’s and when I open them they just stay 5 seconds open and they get automatically closed and I can not do any scan or anything else, can you fix this please?

    You are the best

  26. Hello, you guys are great.
    If possible can you share AutoPano Video Pro 3.0.0
    It is a software that has no more updates and no support. And it only needs a key to register.

    Lots of admiration for you and your deeds.

  27. Hello… You are the best …
    Require one more crack with the patch…
    1imyfone for ios and
    2)imyfone for android…..
    I will definitely give you 30$.

  28. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 8.2

    current crack/patch found on the internet only bypass reg but not unlock the limitation.
    Please find the one that working 100%




  30. hi please crack sms deliverer2.7.7 full crack and upload it
    the other crack and serial number is not working
    download file link


  31. Hey there, please can u give me sidify music converter v 1.3.9 ? in new one cant download 5 songs in a row and my old folder with program i lost with broke disk..

    Thank u.

    Nice work with this site !!

  32. I do not know if you make these cracks, but, if at all possible, please make a crack for MAGIX’s video editing suite VEGAS POST. It is such an excellent production suite and it’s so discouraging to see that nobody is talking about the idea for a crack of it. I will put out a $100.00 bounty for it.

  33. Good day!

    Would it be possible for an upload of an updated cracked AnthemScore (preferably v4.5.0+)?

    Thanks in advance!

  34. Hey, can you please upload a crack of portrait pro here is the link of its official site
    Its a standalone software and also works as a plugin with photoshop
    Plz don’t say sorry no luck upload the crack as soon as possible
    Thank you in advance admin hope u will provide it

  35. Dear abbaspc.


  36. Software Name: Articy:draft 3
    Protection: License
    Software Limitation: 14-Day Trial

    Need to test the features before committing on buying, see if it suits the project.
    Feature can be tested on trial but some export feature is restricted.

    Thank you, have a great day!

  37. Hey, I been a big fan of this site and for the first time, I make a request. Can you please crack gig performer 3? Thank you.

      1. MAGIX Sound Forge Pro is likely the final version of Sound Forge Pro 13. It handles some file formats better than the Sound Forge Pro Suite 14 series, specifically .mp3 .mp4 and a few others. MAGIX just released the update to 13 last week.

  38. The EPIC PEN download did not work. It says there is a kegen, but there in only a .DLL, and no previous DLL from Epic Pen is installed

  39. Hi Abbas, I hope you can find and crack Portable QIF2CSV 4.0.116 QIF to CSV converter by ProperSPFt. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™

  40. Hi,

    Love your site. Would it be possible for you to upload a cracked copy of Neat Video Version 5.2.3 Plugin for DaVinci Resolve?


  41. Adobe In Design 2020 Cracked

    Filmora Pro

    note : there’s a difference between filmora 9 and filmora pro, both are completely different versions

  42. Please upload windows 10 20H1 64bit official release whenever it is available. Thanking you in advance.

  43. Please, post here Audfree Tidal Music Converter for crack!!! I would like so much to have this program in my PC!

  44. No luck in update the crack for Tunepat Netflix Video Converter to his latest version, that i s 1.1.4???

  45. Hi Sir,

    Can u provide me the keygen application file of Keygen_v1.3_By_DFoX for software AbbasPC.Net_Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro because can’t use due to infected by trojan virus.

    Thank you in advance for your kind support.

  46. Hello,

    ANy chance you could crack

    Rhino CFD v 2.0 for Rhinoceros 3d
    (Not light version)

    Thank you

  47. Is there any proper crack or keygen for USB Safeguard 8.3?
    Currently the one in the internet/ google is not working very well, it just closed by itself without notice.
    Old version 7.4 has keygen which is easy. Is there any way we can make keygen for 8.3?

      1. The crack is made by DFoX and still the same one that I mentioned above. It still crashes. Is there any update about this version? Key gen? Another crack?

          1. No bro. You can try to test it again. Install the software in the usb. Replace the with the crack.
            After, try to open it and open the virtual drive, leave the explorer window for a minute. You will see it just in few seconds, the explorer just closes by itself without any notice. You can even try putting/ copying any file to the virtual drive and it will be cancelled because it closes automatically.

      2. Sir mujhy ye easy duplicate fimder app chahiye with licence key

        Abhi mein ne apki web site se download kiya hai lekin jab mein ne try hai to 109gb ka duplicate data search hogaya or phir delet nahi kar raha tha option mein aya k ye data zyada hai

  48. Please upload a cracked Version of Profili 2 Pro, DevWing CAM or Compufoil.
    been searching for 3 years.
    would Highly appreciate if you would.

  49. Hi !
    I’m looking for un nice little soft named Cross+A (v8.59)
    It’s for fun puzzles.
    Is it possible ?

  50. hi can you please crack or patch “Book Keeper for Desktop” here is download link to the software


  51. Hay.. Can you please carck last version of apk Retail w&o POS app
    Because there is fatal error in the old version V1.6.1.13 or older .
    The error it was in the id bill if the user change the language to defrent than English (some not all) the app duplicate id number forever.

  52. AbbasPc please make a crack for Krisp software
    Its a software that removes background sound from your microphone and also removes noise from other people while you talk with software like Viber, Discord,Teamspeak and other software. You can check krisp reviews in youtube to see how effective this software is.
    Its a very useful software but they don’t take one time payment but rather they take money by subscription again and again.
    It will be very useful for other to talk and listen with clear voice and no background sound.
    Please take a look at Krisp software.

  53. plz plz i need VSDC last version with crack or serial key why need edits videos and that programs is the better for my bad resources laptop

    this page is cool ๐Ÿ˜‰


  55. Can you crack HotAlarmClock, please?

    Notes: The software gives you a 30 day trial period, with your skills.. you proabably can make it last forever.

  56. I am looking for crack to remove protection from software.
    here is the name of the software: LordsBot Lords Mobile Bot

  57. Hello,
    FlixGrab + does not work for some episode of series. For the first episode of each season he finds only recap of the previous season but not the first episode.
    I tried with the same link netflix in flixicam and he finds the episode.
    Can you upload crack software flixicam?
    Thank you

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